服务设计: It’s not 只是 another buzzword

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服务设计 is a type of design. 它类似于产品设计或交互设计,但更抽象. You can’t hold a 服务 和 assess it in your h和s.

A 服务 is a combination of 接触点 that can involve a mix of physical, digital, 和 human interactions. 服务设计 is the deliberate, 全面创建这些接触点和客户在组织中的体验. It’s about the complete journey of a customer, 他们为什么参与, 他们需要什么, 他们想要什么, 和 working within reasonable constraints to provide that.

Within the world of design there are a lot of terms—设计思考, Experience Design, UX, UI, Interaction Design, User Centered Design, Customer Experience, 等.—和 it might feel like 服务设计 is 只是 another buzzword. Companies use these terms to differentiate themselves, 当试图理解哪些术语不同,哪些术语真正重要时,可能会让人不知所措.

However, I think 服务设计 is different. It’s not 只是 a buzzword, 和 this term 事. 服务设计 brings more layers to the entire design process. Like I mentioned above, it’s about all the 接触点. You have to underst和 和 consider many stages of a process, different users with unique goals, 和 varying emotions, 同时在每个接触点设计个人交互,以创造整体凝聚力.

We all experience 服务s regularly. Think about car insurance—the regular payments, 代理, the coverage that’s abstract until it’s needed. Or consider public transportation—the tickets or transit cards, the website or kiosk used to refill transit balance, the transportation itself. Both are 服务s comprised of many 接触点.

Mapping A Service’s Touchpoints

大约一个月前,我不得不把我的车送去做一次35000英里的检查. I have a Toyota, which came with ToyotaCare. 丰田关怀是丰田公司为客户规划未来20年所需服务的一种方式,000英里(或两年),并可选择购买服务,覆盖最多45英里,000 miles (or an additional two years). ToyotaCare itself is a much larger, 复杂的服务, 但是现在, I’m 只是 going to focus on a portion—my 35,000 mile checkup—和 break down the 接触点.

Before even arriving at the dealership, 贴在我汽车挡风玻璃左上角的小贴纸提醒了我即将到来的约会. 这张贴纸显示了我下次预约需要行驶的里程. That tiny sticker is the first touchpoint of this 35,000 mile maintenance checkup.

I used the online portal to schedule my appointment—this is my second touchpoint. All my information is saved in their system; they know what ToyotaCare stage is coming next for me 和 automatically make suggestions, 所以我确认了这些服务,并从他们日历上可用的约会中进行了选择.

关于 a week before the appointment, 我收到了一封确认预约的邮件和一封提醒邮件. 这些是 third 和 fourth 接触点.

我在预约的那天开车去了经销店,一到就有人欢迎我, checked my car’s mileage, 给我的钥匙贴上标签, 和 sent me inside to the desks—my 第五个接触点.

内部, a rep flagged me over, 给我登记,问我是在等还是下车(我在等,所以我的车优先)——我的 第六个接触点. 我问了销售代表一些非常具体的问题,比如我的丰田汽车里还有什么东西,以及我什么时候需要使用它们. He looked some things up 和 answered my questions.

I then took a seat 和 waited. Not so obvious, but this is my seventh touchpoint (丰田也考虑过这种停机时间):他们会提供一些茶点, 电视, 和 desk space in case you need to work. It’s nothing amazing, 但这表明他们考虑过顾客的等待体验.

当我的车修好后,为我登记的那个销售代表出来找我——我的 eighth touchpoint. I liked that it was the same rep, 因为他参考了我之前的问题,并花时间仔细检查了他告诉我的内容. It was a nice bookend to my experience that day.

He h和ed me a confirmation—my 第九个接触点—和 my keys, 和 I was done.

I got a follow up thank-you email—my tenth 和 final touchpoint for my 35,000 mile checkup—later that day.

丰田精心设计了他们的丰田关怀服务,以帮助他们的客户维护他们的车辆. The first two years come included with a new car purchase, but I found the 服务 so valuable, 我在去年夏天完成了包括在内的服务后购买了接下来两年的服务——为服务的便利性支付了额外费用. 所以现在, all the maintenance checkup 接触点 are planned for me, as well as continual roadside assistance if I should ever need it, through May of 2019.

The term 服务设计 carries a lot of weight. Many parts 和 pieces of different sizes, attributes 和 complexity are necessary to create a complete, consistent experience. 每个部分都可以单独改进,但不能不考虑整体而优化. 我的丰田示例只是完整的丰田关怀服务的一小部分, which also includes roadside assistance, in-person checkups, a booklet to track 服务s, 但所有这些都汇集在丰田关怀服务的整体设计中.

服务设计 at 十大正规博彩网站排名

At 十大正规博彩网站排名, 我们一直将自己描述为为客户、顾客和员工提供最佳体验. Those experiences often focus on digital design. So, for better or worse, 我们经常被置于用户体验领域——一个受屏幕限制的领域,以及用户从到达登陆页面开始的流动方式. However, we often start before that.

我们的团队超越了屏幕,超越了使用数字工具或网站的时刻. We dive into users’ lives, look at their day-to-day, 和 underst和 both their short 和 long-term goals. 我们描绘了他们的完整经历,这样我们和我们的客户就能更深入地了解客户或员工与组织的关系,以及他们所依赖的工具. We learn what we can improve with the digital tools today, but we also expose new opportunity areas where the digital, or other solutions, can meet new needs.

目前,我正在做一个项目与客户谁是一个数据提供商. This data provider wanted to clean up the UX of their tool. 我们从一个基本的启发式评估和诚实开始这个项目, from a UX perspective, we could have stopped there. There was a lot of low-hanging-fruit that, 一次解决, would quickly improve the user experience with 这个工具. 但是,通过十大正规博彩网站排名的研究驱动方法,我们也转向了用户. 我们采用服务设计方法进行了研究,并超越了用户体验 这个工具.

我们了解了客户的日常博彩网站评级,以及客户的工具如何适应他们的博彩网站评级流程. 在这种情况下, 我们了解到,用户目前只访问该工具下载原始数据, 然后转向电子表格和其他工具来分析和可视化这些数据. Users print spreadsheets 和 charts, highlight specific data points by h和, 和 then share stories the data tells with their sales targets.

通过我们的研究,我们能够讲述这些用户的完整故事. 我们能够清楚地阐明客户端工具今天扮演的角色,同时也强调了满足其他用户需求的机会. We worked with our client to shift to a 服务 mindset 和 provide a tool for their customers that 提供价值 at many stages of their jobs instead of being 只是 a raw data provider.

这就是为什么 服务设计 事s to 十大正规博彩网站排名. 服务设计打开了客户或员工在公司可能拥有的完整体验的范围, 除了 只是用户体验. As 服务设计ers, 我们可以通过从整体上理解体验来更好地解决问题,而不是将自己局限于数字界面,因为不是所有事情都可以用数字来解决. 服务设计允许我们首先理解问题,然后在所有接触点上为该问题提供最佳解决方案, 数字化与否.

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