How to make smart CX 和 EX decisions to grow in the middle market


这些天, it’s obvious (or at least it should be obvious) to leaders that customer experience is vital to companies seeking next-level growth—和 that good experiences always rely on the strength of your digital tools 和 systems. 对于销售数字服务的公司来说尤其如此, 但对于拥有零售店的品牌来说也是如此: 87%的客户从数字渠道开始他们的研究,而多于 四分之三(76%)的人说他们会搜索公司的网站 在访问其物理位置之前.

不幸的是,对于中端市场的领导者来说尤其如此, achieving a great digital customer experience can be challenging because you’re less likely to 有 the budget 和 resources of a large enterprise. This puts mid-market leaders in the position of needing to make tough choices. But that doesn’t mean you can’t provide a digital experience that delights your customers. You just need a thoughtful approach to investing the resources you do 有.

This exercise in CX is well worth doing, as the benefits of strong UX investment are many:

  • 满足客户期望 
  • 加强品牌声誉
  • 实现长期增长
  • Success breeding success, drawing additional interest 和 investment from leadership

Mid-market leaders looking to grow can focus on the activities below to form a smart, 实现商业目标的可行计划.

首先要了解你的 真正的 客户痛点,有数据支持

Leaders can fall into the trap of thinking they underst和 the root of a customer problem because it appears obvious, 但草率下结论只会让你失败. 对用户体验和客户声音进行量身定制的战略研究 可能看起来太昂贵和耗时,不值得投资, but trust us when we say it’s far cheaper 和 more efficient than paying for one or more failed solutions. 

Here’s an illustration: we worked with a pharmaceutical company providing medication 和 a delivery device to healthcare providers, 他们还在努力实现设备采用目标. 在我们研究过程的开始, some leaders were certain that improving the device training experience for providers would 有 the greatest overall impact.

然而,研究表明,训练只是他们雷达上的一个光点. What caused the most friction for providers was procurement 和 dealing with insurance. Had they spent a lot of time 和 money on their initial assumptions, 这些资源将在很大程度上被浪费.

Research enables a company to solve the right problem the first time. 和频繁, 关于客户痛点的假设 被研究数据证明是错误的.

Pick the wisest of many viable paths; prioritization is key in the middle market

Even once you are certain you underst和 the problem thanks to research data, 这并不意味着前进的道路是显而易见的. 您可能会看到解决客户痛点的多种方法. 另外,永远不会只有一个问题需要解决. Prioritization is critical when you’re setting ambitious growth goals with limited resources.


  • 什么能以最少的努力产生最大的价值? 早期的胜利可以建立信心,提高士气. 他们还与领导建立关系, 对于更复杂的项目,你需要谁的支持.
  • What CX improvements require prior projects to be completed as a prerequisite? 你可能需要 清理客户数据或投资于技术改进 在做其他事情之前. 建立依赖关系并制定计划. 
  • 每个可能的项目需要什么资源? 既然你是有限的, 评估一下什么是可能的, 盘点你所拥有的资源, 并将它们与你可以或应该做的举措相匹配. 

当你开始采取行动时, 继续倾听客户的反馈 at every point of iteration 和 take stock of what is 和 is not successful.

记住:投资于员工体验 改善客户体验

经常, people think of customer experience 和 employee experience as separate functions—和 they can be. But research 将 frequently show that CX challenges are rooted in an EX issue. 在网站上下订单可能是一种非常直观的行为, 流线型的, 愉快的经历, but if shipping processes delay delivery due to poor internal tools 和 systems, 顾客会不高兴的.

We’ve seen time 和 time again that investments in employee experience 有 a direct impact on what customers experience both digitally 和 in person.


我们的专家团队可以提供帮助. 让我们聊天!

例如, a telecommunications client that operates in retail locations had one store that wasn’t meeting metrics goals. Leadership thought there might be a problem with advertising 和 marketing, or that poor service design was causing customers to leave the store without making a purchase. 在现实中, there was an issue with their employee-facing system that caused a delay in accurate information being served while supporting customers— 计算该位置的精确度量.

在另一个例子中, a retail br和 we work with recognized patterns in which a customer ordered an item at a kiosk, but then an associate would 有 to call them over to say that the item was out of stock. Since employees were responsible for noticing something was out of stock 和 then entering it into the system, 这个任务在一天中最忙的时候经常会被忽略. To improve the CX, the company had to rethink their EX 和 process.

The bottom line is that focusing on the customer’s digital experience is important, but mid-market companies often overlook the ways in which their internal tools 和 processes are affecting the customer 和 their perception of the br和. 在这个成长阶段, investment into EX is just as important as the time 和 money put into improving customer-facing tools. 服务设计 thinking could be worth investigating since these efforts often provide a sense of consistency for customers 和 employees across touchpoints.


客户体验和客户体验对现代企业的成功至关重要. And though the middle market has fewer resources to devote to improving UX, taking a data-oriented approach combined with smart prioritization 和 systems improvements ensures that every dollar 和 resource spent helps your company meet its business goals 和 stay ahead of the competition.

如果你已经准备好讨论帮助公司成长的方法, 大家一起说。!


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